Rim Lord Appointed for Traveller

With all the excitement of the new web site, Legend, and all the rest you may be forgiven for thinking we have abandoned Traveller – far from it!  Behind the scenes, the wheels have been turning.

Our ‘core’ Traveller writers, up to this point, have been two chaps well known to Traveller veterans – Don McKinney and Rob Eaglestone.  Don, of course, is the brain behind the recent Alien Module:4 Zhodani.

Thus far, they have been concentrating on material of primary importance to the Marches. Rob is currently working on a book covering Deneb Sector, while Don is crunching through Alien Module 6: Droyne.

However, we have just appointed a new member to the Mongoose team who will be (for now) the official Rim Lord – David Pulver will be the primary writer for all things located around the ‘bottom’ end of the Imperium, starting with Alien Module 5: Solomani.  Expect to see his first work early next year.

In the meantime, we are currently prepping Dynasty for print, a book that will allow players to continue their good work long after their (first) characters die, ruling star-spanning empires (or at least a small colony on some wasted rock, or maybe a floating city harvesting gas, not that we want to give you too many ideas!).  It will follow closely on the heels of Traveller Compendium 2 and the print version of Secrets of the Ancients, the truly epic campaign by Gareth Hanrahan.

We also have two long-suffering books just being polished off.  Supplement 5-6: Vehicle Handbook is just having a few vehicles added and we are currently editing the Campaign Guide, your helpful handbook to (among many other things) running ‘automatic’ campaigns in Traveller – that is, campaigns that require the minimum of work.  Perfect for the lazy referee, like me!

We have also just received the first installment of a brand new epic camapign that we will be posting for free on the web site, The Pirates of Drinax.  Again written by Gareth Hanrahan, this one takes place in the Trojan Reaches with the players as the pirates of the title!  This is shaping up to be a great campaign – we are including a system (inspired by the Campaign Guide) that creates ‘pirating things for players to do’ on the fly, so referees will never be stuck waiting for a new adventure while the campaign is running. Players will take command of a ship and then try to play three empires off one another while flying about independant colonies, wooing colony governors, trying to avoid mutiny from their crew, and all the cool pirate stuff referees don’t normally allow their players to get away with.

Enjoy it, this is going to be a good ‘un…

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