Legendary News

It is about time we revealed our plans for the new Legend RPG, the new fantasy game utilising the mechanics of RuneQuest II!

We commissioned Gareth Hanrahan to plough through the original RuneQuest II manuscript with an eye to tightening up the rules, explaining things clearer where clarity was needed, and generally make sure that the new game can support a wealth of supplements and settings (and a veritable tide of those we have planned over the next few months!).  This he has done, and the core Legend rulebook is now awaiting editing and layout.

Release Schedule

Legend will appear in mid-October, and will be quickly followed by all sorts of goodies to whet your fantasy appetite;

October: The core rulebook is released (with a choice of covers!), alongside Monsters of Legend, a bestiary of all sorts of gribbly creatures to threaten your players with (or, with this game system, to use as player characters!).

November: Rouen (a brand new sourcebook for Deus Vult, exploring the famous city and the darkness that lurks beneath its surface).

December: The Spider God’s Bride (a classic Howard/Conan-esque adventure brought to the Legend system for the first time).

January: Arms of Legend (all the tools a healthy adventurer needs to battle the worst enemies of the wild).

February: Vikings of Legend (the fan-acclaimed Vikings, tuned for Legend and released in the new ‘digest’ format).

March: An as yet unamed adventure for Deus Vult which sees the players following in the footsteps of one of the masters of the Order.

April: Blood Magic (a brand new magic system for Legend).

May: Secrets of the Steppe (a new sourcebook for Elric, exploring a vast wilderness), Historia Rodentia (a brand new setting, produced in conjunction with On The Lamb Games – extremely well-written with some cracking ideas, this is one to watch).

June: Talons of Winter (a true sandbox campaign for Elric, designed to be used alongside Secrets of the Steppe), Pirates of Legend (argh – need we say more?).

July: Samurai of Legend (joining Vikings and Pirates of Legend as part of our historical/fantasy-historical line).

There will be some other bits and bobs mixed in with all of this but, I think you will agree, a fine start to the new system!


The new Legend game will use the OGL to allow fans and other comapnies to use the mechanics and produce their own gaming material freely.  There will also be a logo licence available so such products can be marked as Legend Compatible on their front covers and in marketing.

However, we are going to make things exceptionally easy for licensees!

The logo licence will require just one form to be signed and sent in to us and, aside from placement on the books, will have very few rules attached to it.

With regards to an SRD, the entire rulebook (minus artwork) will be declared an SRD and Open Content.  No need to download anything – simply pick up the rulebook and you have a complete Open Content reference manual.

But we are not stopping there – oh, no!  We will be declaring the entire ‘core line,’ (that is, any book with a title including ‘of Legend’) as Open Content SRDs.  This means you will be able to freely use not only Monsters and Arms of Legend, but our core historical range as the basis of products as well, allowing you to design supplements, adventures and campaigns for Pirates, Vikings and Samurai of Legend, secure in the knowledge that all players will be using the same core rules.
We have lots more planned for Legend (more historical settings, further expanding Deus Vult and Historia Rodentia, more for the Eternal Champion and Wraith Recon), and this is just our initial line up. All books are planned to be priced at £9.99 or $19.99, making them superb value – one of the greatest fantasy RPGs at the best possible price!


Rim Lord Appointed for Traveller

With all the excitement of the new web site, Legend, and all the rest you may be forgiven for thinking we have abandoned Traveller – far from it!  Behind the scenes, the wheels have been turning.

Our ‘core’ Traveller writers, up to this point, have been two chaps well known to Traveller veterans – Don McKinney and Rob Eaglestone.  Don, of course, is the brain behind the recent Alien Module:4 Zhodani.

Thus far, they have been concentrating on material of primary importance to the Marches. Rob is currently working on a book covering Deneb Sector, while Don is crunching through Alien Module 6: Droyne.

However, we have just appointed a new member to the Mongoose team who will be (for now) the official Rim Lord – David Pulver will be the primary writer for all things located around the ‘bottom’ end of the Imperium, starting with Alien Module 5: Solomani.  Expect to see his first work early next year.

In the meantime, we are currently prepping Dynasty for print, a book that will allow players to continue their good work long after their (first) characters die, ruling star-spanning empires (or at least a small colony on some wasted rock, or maybe a floating city harvesting gas, not that we want to give you too many ideas!).  It will follow closely on the heels of Traveller Compendium 2 and the print version of Secrets of the Ancients, the truly epic campaign by Gareth Hanrahan.

We also have two long-suffering books just being polished off.  Supplement 5-6: Vehicle Handbook is just having a few vehicles added and we are currently editing the Campaign Guide, your helpful handbook to (among many other things) running ‘automatic’ campaigns in Traveller – that is, campaigns that require the minimum of work.  Perfect for the lazy referee, like me!

We have also just received the first installment of a brand new epic camapign that we will be posting for free on the web site, The Pirates of Drinax.  Again written by Gareth Hanrahan, this one takes place in the Trojan Reaches with the players as the pirates of the title!  This is shaping up to be a great campaign – we are including a system (inspired by the Campaign Guide) that creates ‘pirating things for players to do’ on the fly, so referees will never be stuck waiting for a new adventure while the campaign is running. Players will take command of a ship and then try to play three empires off one another while flying about independant colonies, wooing colony governors, trying to avoid mutiny from their crew, and all the cool pirate stuff referees don’t normally allow their players to get away with.

Enjoy it, this is going to be a good ‘un…

A New Day, A New Web Site

Well, today was not too stressful!

We went live with the new web site yesterday, after many months fiddling, testing and tweaking.  We knew issues would develop when it went live (they always do), we just didn’t know which ones!

Anyway, to cut a very long and fraught story short, all the issues that greeted us this morning have been put to bed, and the new web site is ready and waiting for your perusal!

We are using, at best, a tenth of the site’s functionality, and we will be adding a great deal more to it over the weeks and months to come.  First up will be the forum upgrade, but beyond that, you will see the return of Signs & Portents and Mongoose en Francais, proper integration of the Mongoose Infantry into the web site, e-books for download, and oodles more.  We just have to make sure everything else works first!

However, the new site is all kinds of cool as it stands.  Planet Mongoose, for example, now rests on WordPress which is way, way better than the archaic bit of software we were using before, and far more flexible.  For example, it was a real chore getting pictures onto the old Planet Mongoose (not to mention italics…), but a piece of cake now, so expect all sorts of cool previews.

The old site was getting to be a nightmare to navigate (to be fair, it was getting on to be ten years old), whereas everything is now at your fingertips on the vertical menu system and, once in a product line, you can arrange the individual books and miniatures to suit you (oldest to newest, number of products on a page, etc).

Some of you will be aware that we have been running Twitter and Facebook over the past few weeks.  These now have proper invitations on our web site and will be used more often to give you the widest spread of news possible for Mongoose and our games.  Take a trip to our News section for how we will be breaking down our news items between them, and choose which is most convenient to you!

Ordering products from our web site should also be a more healthy experience!  Gone is the old clunky shopping cart to be replaced by the brand new model.  You will be able to check the status of your orders, have the site remember your name and address (really advanced stuff, I know, but you miss it when it isn’t there), and flit between pages far more easily.  At our end, the mail order system has, well, pretty much transformed our Mail Order departments on both sides of the Atlantic!  We still need to integrate a few things to our existing systems, but we now have some very powerful tools at our disposal to ensure you get the right book or miniature in the shortest possible time.  We are aiming to turnaround all mail orders for existing items in stock within one working day.

And all this means we can now offer free postage on your largest orders!

As I said, we are still adding bits and pieces to the site, so please bear with us.  If something seems a little wonky over the next couple of days or so, let us know and it will be fixed promptly. If you are waiting for some functionality that is not present yet, we are working hard to bring it online!

In the meantime, welcome to our new site, and have a look around!

Gen Con After Action Report

Well, we are finished now at Gen Con. The US Mongoosers have already left for home, and I am just waiting for the next flight out of Indianapolis. Should be home first thing Tuesday morning!

A typical Gen Con day is packed. An early breakfast with the rest of Mongoose personnel attending sets up what we have to do that day. Get to the booth for 9am, make sure everything is where it should be. Doors open at 10am but, before that, you have retailers, VIGs (Very Important Gamers) and other manufacturers coming up and asking questions.

Meetings go on throughout the day, with distributors, writers, artists, and other partners in the industry. In between those, we also do the most important thing – hobnobbing with fans, and spreading the good word of our latest and forthcoming releases! The latter is always the best part, but it takes a toll on your feet!

Doors to the hall close at 6pm but you have to hurry back to the hotel to wash and change so you are ready for, you’ve guessed it, more meetings! These are usually more laid back affairs at one of the many restaurants in Indianapolis, but no less important for all that as you hammer out deals and agreements.

After that, you intend to hit a bar and grab a drink or two, but it never happens – at that point, you just want to sleep, and get ready to do it all over again the next day!

Our printers camed through for us and within an hour of the show starting, we had a clutch of new titles up on the stand – the immensely popular Designers & Dragons, Age of Treason, Sword Worlds, Crystal Raiders, Stars Without Number, The NeXus Files and Van Graaf’s Journal of Dragons.

We also had the first of the new A Call to Arms Star Fleet models on display, a painted Federation Heavy Cruiser and, on Saturday (when we had a restock), the Klingon D6.

I managed to get some time on Sunday to wander the hall for an hour, chatting to other manufacturers, arranging some product swaps (lots of great goodies coming back with us!), and I also encountered a miniatures game from one of the smaller companies very similar to something I had in mind for Mongoose to do in the future – we are currently chatting about bringing it to a wider market, so we will see what happens.

Also managed to have a decent sit down with the US Mongoose staff to talk about some games that are just coming up on the horizon. Lots of good ideas floating around, now we just have to make them happen.

All in all, a great show, and we are looking forward to next year!