As something of an experiment, we have created a handful of new PDF-only additions for Traveller. They are intended to be small, cheap, but with enough content to expand your games in different directions, or give you a good session or two as adventures.


Special Supplement 1: Biotech Vehicles

Special Supplement 1: Biotech Vehicles is a bolt-on for Supplement 5-6: Vehicle Handbook. Written by the same author (Colin Dunn), it provides everything you need to make organic vehicles, from the floating squid-airship we include as an example to, well, anything your imagination can come up with; tunnelling moles with hardened chitin skins, great biotech walkers that stride across the landscape, or truly alien weird, fleshy pod cars.

Biotech Vehicles also includes rules for organic battle dress (that has to be weird to put on!), as well as modifications and weapons unique to biotech. You can even power your vehicle by sunlight and give it effectively unlimited range during the day!


Special Supplement 2: Deadly Assassins

The second of the Special Supplements deals with three very different flavours of assassin. Each coming from a seperate ‘school,’ they concentrate on stealth, close combat and sniping, respectively. For high-powerered campaigns, we have included full careers for these assassins (don’t expect to stay long in the careers, they are tough!), though we think most referees will use them as adversaries for players – imagine the look on their faces when you tell them the Enemy they just rolled up is, in fact, one of these guys!

As well as all the very special (and extremely high-tech) equipment these assassins have access to, we have also included three assassins, all tooled-up and ready to be inserted into your campaign.

The Tricolore's Shadow

A complete adventure for 2300AD, The Tricolore’s Shadow sees the players take an innocent enough job, surveying a valley on a colony world. However, a downed French spy satellite soon creates an international incident that the players will find themselves caught up in. They must choose between confronting powerful governmental forces directly, or racing across the planet to get off-world and reach safety.

Terror's Lair

Alternatively, if you are currently lacking players, why not take a trip to Terror’s Lair? This is a solo adventure for 2300AD, putting you in the role of American Marshal Obadiah Thomas, assigned to track down and capture Felix Berthold. Will you be able to guess who the elusive Felix is masquerading as before he escapes?

We have included plenty of hints and tips on how to expand this solo adventure into group play, perhaps getting your players to all run through Terror’s Lair on their own so they are familiar with the background, before launching into a group game with their own characters.


We have several more supplements and adventures like this planned, with the next being an adventure bearing the ominous title Cowboys vs. Xenomorphs. This is a much larger supplement (and will have a hardcopy print option available at Drivethru), and includes full rules for running Wild West games using the Traveller rules, a ‘desperado’ career to create new characters (though a full set of pre-generated characters is available), a complete town to use as a base/setting and, of course, the actual adventure. The players, running from the law, come to a small mining town far outon the frontier. They decide to lay low, and get involved with some of the machinations of the residents. Then, something very bad happens, and they find that something terrible is lurking in them thar hills.

I think you can probably see where this one is going…

Cowboys vs. Xenomorphs is in editing and layout right now, and will likely be available on Drivethru at the end of the month.