The Lawmaster

The long-awaited model of the iconic bike of the Justice Department, the Lawmaster has finally arrived! You can grab this lovely model right now, either with a male judge riding it, or a female judge.

Lawmasters on Patrol

As much a signal of the judges’ ultimate authority as their uniform or Lawgiver firearm, the Mk III Lawmaster bike is a high adaptable vehicle.  Heavily armoured to endure a great deal of punishment, heavily armed to destroy almost any other vehicle on the street and yet still fast enough to pursue any perp, the Lawmaster is perhaps the ultimate crime-fighting tool after a judge himself.

Lawmaster Duo

The Mk III Lawmaster bears a Cyclops Phylon TX Laser Cannon and twin bike cannon as standard armaments, together with a holster for an auxiliary scattergun.  The on-board bike computer is a multi-functional device that allows a judge to access any Justice Department resource quickly and easily, whilst also possessing the capability, through the use of gyroscopic stabilisation, to actually drive the bike without a judge on board, and even fire its weapons!  Even the patented Firerock tyres are a triumph of design, for they are able to maintain a strong grip at all speeds, in all conditions, and yet are completely bullet-proof.  Two storage pods slung either side of the rear wheel permit a judge to carry a great deal of equipment with him at all times, but the Notron 4000 cc V8 KT23 engine can propel this heavily laden machine to speeds well in excess of three hundred miles per hour.

The Streets of Mega-City One

Based on the heavy duty street cannon of other Justice Department vehicles such as the Pat-Wagon, the Lawmaster’s bike cannon are lethal weapons, fully capable of bringing a stop to the largest vehicle with ease. Each bike cannon stores a single flare round within its firing mechanism, which may be launched on manual or verbal command.

Lawmasters in Action

The Synitron GK13 auto-pilot computer forms the heart of the Lawmaster, and is responsible for keeping a judge on his bike and active, even in the most adverse of conditions.  In order to achieve this, the bike computer’s gyro logic units make the entire vehicle both light to control and yet very stable as they constantly make corrections to the bike’s speed and position on the road.  The bike computer is sophisticated enough to control the Lawmaster without a judge’s input altogether.  Linked into the Likron GS 4T telecommunications unit, the bike computer is also capable of connecting its judge with virtually any resource of the Justice Department quickly and easily, with the minimum of interaction from the judge itself.  The Likron GS 4T has a maximum range of well over 160 miles.  Just like the Lawgiver, the bike computer can accept verbal commands from its judge, and relay information either verbally or on its high-resolution screen.

Street Judge on Lawmaster

The Lawmaster has a very distinctive front end, dominated by a large plastisteel eagle and its array of five headlamps.  The main headlamp is perched between the handlebars and, at full power, is capable of illuminating targets over a mile away.  The secondary headlamps are automatically switched on by the bike computer when travelling through smoke or fog, or when the judge requires as much light as possible.

Female Judge on Lawmaster

Mounted behind the bike computer on every Lawmaster is a quick release emergency button.  Upon activation, this will send out a Priority One (Code 99 Red) Judge in Distress call to every Justice Department unit within 5 miles. In addition, all Lawmasters carry a high-powered siren to alert citizens of a judge in hot pursuit of a perp.  The maximum power setting of a Lawmaster’s siren is deafening, having a clear range of about a mile, though this is of little discomfort to a judge wearing his helmet.  Senior judges are sometimes permitted to alter the tone and frequency of their sirens so as to create a distinctive sound, allowing perps to know just who is tracking them down.

The Lawmaster is available now and comes with a choice of either Male Street Judge or Female Street Judge rider.