Kickstarted Dredd

In the autumn of last year, we ran the very successful Judge Dredd Kickstarter project and, since then, we have been busy, beavering away with all the new models that arose from that run. We had 649 backers in all and, it is fair to say, many things coming for Judge Dredd simply would not have existed at all without their kind support – thank you one and all for backing this project!

Up to now, we have been running a variety of previews for the backers, showing them what their efforts have resulted in and what models they could expect to receive in due course. We are coming to the end of working on these new models now (only a few vehicles and a handful of ‘sets’ to go now!), so we thought this would be a good time to reveal to the world what the Kickstarter has done for the Judge Dredd miniatures game and its new expansion, Block War…

A nice little haul of miniatures here! On the top left, there are four judges destined for the ‘Specialist’ Judges box set, which will expand any Justice Department force nicely. You can see a brand new Heavy Weapons Judge, sporting a massive Rotary Cannon, and an Exorcist Judge. We also did new versions of the Med-Judge and Tek-Judge – firstly, because you can never have too many of these valuable support judges, but also because we introduced ‘lightweight’ armour in Block War, to reflect some of the uniforms that appear on these specialists in the comics.

On the top right, we have judge Giant (this was a work in progress photo, the final version has a Lawgiver at the ready) and the Space Corps Judge, equipped with heavier armour and a Widowmaker – perfect for dealing with those alien hordes! Towards the bottom, we have Fergee, King of the Big Smelly, winding up to give Dredd a good smacking with his baseball bat.

The rest of the models featured here are from the Demonic Cabal (the final models already in the hands of Kickstarter backers, as are Giant, Fergee and the Space Corps Judge!). From the start, we decided this would be a not-entirely-serious force in the game, with the idea that the Grand Warlock (the chap with his hands in the air) is really the only one who knows what he is doing. The rest a your typical bored citizen who probably don’t even believe in demons. Needless to say, the rules for this force leave plenty of room for their summoning attempts to go wrong, as you can see with the ‘possessed’ model here…

These four models represent some serious reinforcements and additional firepower for the Justice Department. The three big models are the Mechanismo robots, both Mk I and Mk II, automated judges that can take the Law onto the streets, thus saving manpower. Very well armoured and with a very large gun, we think it very unlikely that their programming will develop any glitches…

The other chap is another model destined for the Specialist Judges set, another Heavy Weapons Judge, this timed armed with a Lazooka.

You are going to be seeing a lot more of this model over the next few weeks – this is the 3D prototyped Manta Prowl Tank, assembled and being readied to be sent to our casting house in the US. This is a BIG model, measuring a foot in length, and will have some serious presence on the table! The last moulds for this model are being created right now, and we have already started casting the other sections, so expect to see this model over the next month or so.

Incidentally, the picture on the bottom right has nothing to do with the Manta – this is the Sentenoid assault robot from the Sov Invasion set. It was just prototyped at the same time as the Manta. Looks very nice though!

The Manta is not the only vehicle on the way though. We have already previewed the Pat Wagons here on Planet Mongoose, and we will be previewing the civilian Ground Car and (also very large) Mo-Pad in the next couple of weeks or so. However, Judge players will be interested in this, the Banshee Interceptor, possibly the fastest land vehicle in Mega-City One!

As well as creating new forces and fleshing out existing ones, we also used the Kickstarter to bring to life many of the famous (and not so famous!) characters that have appeared in the comic strips over the years. Here, we have War Marshal Kazan of East Meg 1 (a perfect leader for your Sov Invasion force), Oola Blint (perhaps a more minor character, but this is one of my very favourite models out of the whole lot) and, of course, Stan Lee. Depending on which force you choose to take in the game, these models can be attached on a temporary basis, giving you a huge range of options when you play, even in a campaign game.

These are very recent creations, having only arrived this week at Mongoose HQ. Kenny Who?, a down-on-his-luck artist about to get his own back on painting droids, the Judge Child, and Rico Dredd, fresh from Titan! Squeezing in at the bottom, we have the first two models of what I think will be a very popular set, the ABC Warriors! These models are, of course, Blackblood and Joe Pineapples.

And here we have the Sov Judges all together as one set. We have a mix of weapons available (including flamethrowers!), an Officer, and a Senior Judge (the chap with a cape). On the top left is a Satellat, made famous by the agent Orlok, which will buzz around defending your high-ranking models, and on the opposite side, you can see the Sentenoid as it will look when assembled.

And here we have the Sov Judges painted!

Some more ‘singles’ here. Chief Judge Hershey may not do much judging on the streets any more, but she makes for a fearsome model! Then we have the crime-fighting duo, Galen DeMarco (in her PI guise, we have already done her as a judge) and her simian sidekick, Travis Perkins, complete with katana and PI licence. The ‘flying’ guy, is actually Spikes Harvey Rotten (from Dredd’s expedition across the Cursed Earth), and the next time you see him, he will be on a Lawmaster!

There has always been a lot of interest in the judges of other Mega-Cities around the world, and though we had already done the Brit-Cit and East Meg judges, the Kickstarter was the perfect opportunity to do more! Here we have judges from Luxor, Cal-Hab (what used to be Scotland), and a judge from Vatican City!

Not enough judges from the rest of the world? Then by all means have more! These five models will be added to the three above and make the Judges of the World box set a little later this year. Here, you can see judges from Banana City, Hondo-Cit, the Emerald Isle, Texas City, and Oz!

The next three models need little introduction – Rogue Trooper, a Nort, and a Souther Soldier…

Finally, just to leave you in the right mood, a Zombie Judge, to give you the ‘armoured’ option in the Zombie Horde force. Most backers already have the Zombie Horde in their hands (the rest will be getting theirs over the next 2-3 weeks, as we have just had a new shipment of dead people in!), which comprises this chap, the Zombie Mistress, and six plastic zombies courtesy of our friends at Mantic, to which we have added an accessory pack to ‘Mega-City One’ them up!

If you leapt in with the Kickstarter, you may well have some of these models in your hands – thank you very much for your support! As I have said several times, we literally could not have done this without you.

If you missed it last year, do not panic. As soon as the Kickstarter backers have their models and we have given our display miniatures a lick of paint, they will be available to the rest of you, either through our mail order system or, in the case of the box sets, your local stores!

In a few weeks time, we will be starting a brand new Kickstarter project, also based on a 2000AD comic strip – the Rogue Trooper miniatures game! We have all sorts of goodies planned for this one and, as with Judge Dredd, the rulebook will be completely free to download so you can inspect the army lists and figure out the most fiendish force possible! More news on that as soon as it is ready!