Changes in Mongoose Mail Orders

We just wanted to fill everyone in on some recent changes we have made here at Mongoose to our mail order system, in our ongoing quest to provide you with a quicker and more comprehensive service.

First off, we are moving our entire mail order operation to the UK. From now on, all US and Canadian mail orders will be dispatched from here rather than our Ohio facility, which will now be dedicated almost completely to metal miniatures manufacture. Our UK office will now be able to provide you with a 24 hour turnaround on most orders, and we have negotiated a fast track air mail service with Royal Mail to both the US and Canada (to different airports, depending on where in the country you are). The overall effect will be to ensure you get your books and models within just a few days of ordering. Furthermore, we are not making any changes to the postal/shipping charges, and so you will be paying no extra for this service.

We enacted this change last Thursday (April 18th), so many of you should already have seen a difference in our turnaround times.

In light of this, we are also moving our resin production to the UK, along with our book printing. This will give us a great deal of flexibility and control in our products, and a much tighter grip on stock levels – several books which have been out of print for the first part of this year are being reprinted right now (and, in fact, Spinward Marches and Traders & Gunboats arrived earlier today – if you have been waiting for either of these books, they are already in the post to you!).

This also removes a bottleneck that had cropped up in our production, so if you have been waiting for certain Judge Dredd or Victory at Sea models, expect a veritable avalanche of new things over the next couple of months!