A Walk Through the Streets

Now everyone has their hands on the Judge Dredd miniatures game, we are beginning to see some fine painted forces out there! These are just a few from our forums, for you to view and maybe gets some ideas from! Click on any of the photos to get a better look.

These are a favourite of mine, a nice brightly coloured gang of Sky Surfers from Richred_UK. He has changed the flying bases and there is some lovely detail on the power boards themselves. The bright colours fit in well for the juves of Mega-City One!

A nice action shot from Da Boss of an East Meg Invasion Force making its way through the rubble of a nuked sector.

The Sentenoid is a popular model (clawed-death robot – what is not to like!). This one is from Deathjester.

This is officially a very pretty model. It may be just a chimp with a club, worth just a few Credits in the game, but have a look at the detail Dai-Mongar has achieved here, especially the blood-slick on the club.

A full complement of Renegade Robots next, from Malosavich, using all the models from the box set.

From Richred_UK again, this time the Angel Gang. Overall duller tones, but they fit in very well with the themes of the Cursed Earth.

We ought to feature some of Mega-City One’s finest, of course. This patrol is from Da Boss, no doubt getting ready to face the East Meg invasion!

And we round off with a Brit-Cit force (new miniatures are coming in the New Year!) from Marshal_Law.

We are still running the thread on our forums where people can display their painted Judge Dredd models, so grab your camera and show the world what you can do!


Mechanismo Strike Force

Over the next few weeks and months (and years!), we will be posting articles for the Judge Dredd miniatures game here on Planet Mongoose, introducing new rules, new scenarios for you to try out, and taking a look at different aspects of the game.

First up for you, the playtest rules for the Justice Department Mechanismo Strike Force! If you want to go in heavy on a bunch of perps (or alien invaders!), there is no better unit available to the Judges of Mega-City One.

You can download the playtest file here.

Mechanismo Mk 1

The basic premise for this new force is a Tek-Judge (maybe two as the force grows in a campaign), controlling and monitoring one or more Mechanismo units. This is the kind of force that would be used as a defensive component in the event of an attack on Mega-City One, or in a more offensive role in, say, a sweep through a ruined sector of the city. Of course, after the Day of Chaos, the Justice Department has far fewer Judges and so more reliance will be placed on automated units…


The advantages of this force are obvious – Mechanismo units are extremely powerful with heavy armour that will send most attacks ricocheting off into empty space, and the Judgementbringer cannon that is capable of bringing down just about any target that moves into their sights.

Mechanismo Mk 2

Things do not all go the way of this force, however – if they did, there would not be any need for Judges!

The most obvious disadvantage is that Mechanismo forces will always be small. As a starting force, you will be looking at a single Tek-Judge and a Mk 2 unit, or a Mk 1 and a Tek-Judge with an upgrade or two (we suggest upgrading to standard issue armour!).

You will also have a much bigger problem to contend with though. We have assumed that Mechanismo Strike Forces are deployed on extended missions, perhaps lasting a few days. Fans of the 2000AD comic strip will know that Mechanismo units are not the most… stable of robots. So, we have used the Twitchy rule for the Mk 1 in the main rulebook to be used for the Mk 2 as well. This means enemies may not have to damage your Mechanismo units to start causing you serious problems when one goes on rampage.

The good news is that you have a specialised Tek-Judge on the scene who can not only repair damaged Mechanismo units, but can bring them under control should they start to go haywire.

The bad news is that you have to get within 6″ of the unit to do this, and that will not be easy when its Judgementbringer cannon is aimed at your Tek-Judge!

Anyway, have a play with this force and let us know what you think on our Judge Dredd forums. We will make any appropriate adjustements and if you chaps think it is a worthwhile addition to the game, we will make it an offical update!

If your Justice Department force currently lacks any Mechanismo models, you can grab them right now from here!