Blood on the Streets

This December the first supplement for the Judge Dredd miniatures game will be arriving in your local games store – Blood on the Streets!

This supplement is jam-packed with lots of new rules, forces, Mercenaries, Talents, Heroes – and a brand new way of playing scenarios in your campaigns!

There are some great new Talent trees with which you can continue to customise the Heroes in your force. Some are serious additions while others are a bit more… fun! This new Futsie tree is a great example, allowing you to make your Hero absolutely mad – many citizens of Mega-City One cannot stand the fast-paced life of the city and with no employment to keep them occupied, some just snap and completely lose it. As you start on this Talent tree, you will find your Hero does not always do what you expect but as you continue to pick up Futsie Talents, he will gradually start to perform (a little) more reliably and gain the benefits of madness to boot!

Other Talent tress in Blood on the Streets make Heroes more effective when they lead Mobs, allow the customisation of Lawgivers, permit you to field Judge snipers, and control heavy vehicles more competently. There is even one that reflects long term exposure to the Cursed Earth to add some useful mutations, including latent psychic abilities meaning almost any force can now have a psyker on their side. Speaking of psykers, the new Living Weapon Psi-Talent tree now allows them to shape their bodies into something extremely lethal…

There have been lots of new miniatures released since the main rulebook, and Blood on the Streets provides rules for them all, from single models such as the Acc-Div Judge and Max normal, to full blown forces.

The Judda are here (the Judda box set will be released very soon and are on pre-order now!), twisted Judges created by genetics-master Morton Judd as his weapon against Mega-City One, along with the Mechanismo Strike Force (originally available as a playtest force here on Planet Mongoose!), the Klegg Invasion Force (Klegg-hai!), and the ABC Warriors…

However, the real gem of Blood on the Streets are all the new scenarios – 75 of them!

When playing a campaign with the main rulebook, you choose a scenario and then challenge one of the other players to a fight. Not any more!

With Blood on the Streets you challenge any player in the campaign (so you can still have a drop-in/drop-out campaign without requiring every player to be present every night), but you now roll on the Standard Scenario table to decide what kind of battle you will be having. There are 9 different scenarios on this table, covering demolition jobs, turf grabs, and the like.


Either player (or both!) can announce that they want to roll on their own force’s unique scenario table. The players dice off and the winner gets to choose which scenario table is used. Every force now has its own special scenario table, with scenarios that reflect its own background in 2000AD, its place in Mega-City One and its ‘personality’. So, you force wil lnow be doing the kind of things that it would really be doing in the comic strips.

So, for example, if you are an East Meg Invasion Force player, you can expect to play scenarios that reflect the full on Apocalypse War, marching through the streets of Mega-City One while taking important objectives, hammering the capitalist resistance as you go!

This is a favourite of ours, Not One Step Back, an order given by Kazan as things began to look shaky for the East Meg forces.

By comparison, the Apocalypse War Resistance Unit scenarios are a little more desperate, holding the line against a powerful enemy, or taking a cache of Bat Gliders to launch a silent airborne assault…

Of course, while every force (including the new ones, such as the Judda and Kleggs!) has its own scenarios, there is nothing to stop us (or you!) adding more. For example, in the future we might look at variant Justice Department scenario tables, each one focussing on a different aspect of what the Judges do and how they patrol the streets of Mega-City One. We already have in mind new scenario tables that can be used by any force that has a lot of bikes or heavy vehicles. And what about scenario tables that depict battles taking place on alien worlds? The possibilities are endless and will really open up the Judge Dredd miniatures game to a whole new range of games!

Blood on the Streets will be available before Christmas as a glorious full-colour hardback book and you can pre-order your copy here.

If you want to find out more about Blood on the Streets, we have prepared two preview downloads for you, including a full Contents list so you can see exactly what is in the book! You can grab these previews here and here.

The Judda box set has also just gone up for pre-order and will also be available before Christmas – you can grab your own force of twisted Judges here!