New-Style Romulans

Today is a big day for Romulan fans – we unveil (decloak?) the designs for some of their latest warships, the third generation ‘Hawk’ series, intended to stand against any fleet from any other empire on at least equal terms.

SparrowHawk Light Cruiser

The most numerous of the ‘Hawks,’ the SparrowHawk can be found in most Romulan fleets, no matter who they are fighting against.  With 30 points of Damage and 24 Shields, the SparrowHawk could make a serious claim to actually being a Heavy Cruiser.  However, it lacks the phaser weaponry of Heavy Cruisers (though it retains a respectable amount, capable of all-round coverage), and is far, far more agile, able to keep up with many Frigates.

Added to all this, as with every Romulan ship, is the cloaking device and plasma torpedoes – three launchers in all, totalling a very nasty eight Attack Dice at short range. If the SparrowHawk is able to sneak up on an enemy, decloak, and unload with all weapons, you will find it certainly punches like a Heavy Cruiser! All this for a very reasonable 170 points (remember that it cloaks, and you will see this ship is quite the bargain!).

FastHawk Heavy Cruiser

The FastHawk is a development of the FireHawk, which was itself a development of the SparrowHawk above, and you can readily see the design influences.  However, the FastHawk is designed for very different duties to the ‘hold the line’ SparrowHawk.

FastHawk Underside

As one of the ‘fast’ cruisers in the game, it has the Fast trait which allows it to move further than most other ships, especially when it channels all power to its engines.  For 235 points (getting towards Battlecruiser territory), you get 28 Shields, 40 Damage and a very good turning circle (though it is not counted as being Agile). Plenty of phasers are mounted, including all-round coverage by phaser-3, which will prove to be a lifesaver when enemy drones start homing in.  It packs a serious wallop with two massive plasma torpedo launchers, combining at short range for eight searing Attack Dice.

Condor Dreadnought

Couldn’t cover the ‘new style’ Romulans without taking a look at this big ‘un – the Condor Dreadnought, one of the heaviest ships in the Romulan fleet list and a good showcase of what a little more than 300 points buys you in this game.

Condor Underside

Here, we are looking at 36 Shields and 56 Damage, though don’t expect it to turn with the usual Romulan grace (think more along the lines of a space cow, and you’ll be closer).  However, what it lacks in agility, it more than makes up for in hard hitting power.  A total of 14 phasers cover all fire arcs, meaning nothing can approach this ship without being targeted. Four plasma torpedo launchers combine to unleash a withering 12 Attack Dice of plasma nastiness at short range, but the ship designers thought that was just not enough. So, they added a fifth launcher, a truly massive weapon known as the type-R that adds another 7 Attack Dice at short range (it should be pointed out that each one of these Attack Dice carry the Seeking, Multihit D6 and Devastating +1 traits, meaning any hit against a naked hull is going to hurt).

All of this on a vessel that can be invisible most of the time, if you so wish.

So, changing your mind to a Romulan fleet, are you Admiral? 🙂

Pre-orders for the first wave of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet products will go up on the web site later this week (along with a very special offer that you will not want to miss). Before then we will be previewing other empires such as the Kzinitis and Gorns, as well as a few other ships in the Federation, Klingon and Romulan fleets.

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