Christmas is Almost Here…

One of the Mongoose staff is already on holiday and, by the end of the week, everyone else will be joining them. So, what are we all up to in these last few days before the end of the working year?

Rob & the Gang
Rob and his crew handle all of our US operations, from their secret base in Ohio. Which means, at the moment, they are working as hard as they possibly can trying to get Star Fleet miniatures out of the door! They are commencing work on the big fleet sets (due to be sent out in January), but they have squeezed enough time in to start the rapid prototyping process of the civilian ships for Star Fleet and the next wave of Noble Armada ships. Hazat players will want to see what is coming next…

Putting the last touches to the 2300AD rulebook, as well as making sure a whole host of projects get their final tweaks.

Doing the last checking on Arms of Legend and the Vehicle Handbook.

Desperately trying to clear as many emails as possible in an effort to leave a relatively free Christmas week to work on Victory at Sea 2.0 and the first Star Fleet supplement (tentatively called battleships, which points a clue as to what at least some of the content will be). Also due to sketch out the first A Call to Arms Journal.

Cleared her final two week schedule in one week, so has been making a start on various bits and pieces from the New Year. A small selection is presented below…

Converted Orion Cruiser


HMS Hood


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