The Bigger They Are…

Gamers are a funny lot. No sooner do we start shipping the models for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet than they want to know what we have planned next!

Just about as soon as the rulebook for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet was finished, work started on the first supplement, provisionally entitled Battleships.  You won’t have to think too hard about some of its content, at least!

Anyway, in-between warships from World War II, Sandrine has been working hard on the first range of new ships for the Star Fleet Universe as well, and here you can see the first fruits of her labours.

Federation Battleship

This handsome brute is the Mars-class Battleship of the Federation. Bigger than a Dreadnought, it is the Fed’s last word in warship design.

With 100 points of Damage and 45 Shields, it is probably going to take another battleship to bring it down. It carries a total of ten photon torpedo tubes, two of which point behind so the old trick of getting a smaller but more nimble ship to sit behind and pound away is not going to work against this vessel! Nine drone launchers will be sufficient to bombard, well, an entire enemy fleet if you so wish, and there are massed ranks of phaser upon phaser.

Cruiser & Battleship

As you can see in this size comparison, the Mars-class is shaping up to be an impressive miniature and as soon as it goes through the prototyping process and gets a lick of paint, we’ll be showcasing it on Planet Mongoose.

Over the next few months, you will be hearing a lot about the new edition of Victory at Sea, but keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be slipping in some hints and previews on Battleships.


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