Models That Never Were

We are busy here at Mongoose. Very busy, designing and producing the next lot of exciting games that will (hopefully!) grace your tabletop. This means we don’t often get a chance to completely clear up after ourselves. This, in turn, means that projects can sometimes get bundled into a box, stashed somewhere, and forgotten about. Occasionally, we find some real goodies tucked away, having been hidden for years.

Recently, we uncovered our ‘Wave 4’ Battlefield Evolution prototypes, our game of near-future modern warfare with pre-painted miniatures. Some of these have been seen before, some have never seen the light of day aside from one Gen Con showing, a few years ago. We thought some of you might be interested in seeing a few models that never were…

Future Lynx

First up is the British Army’s Future Lynx, designed to bring the first round of airpower into the game.  This model had a clip-on missile rack with TOW Missiles that could be purchased by an upgrade. Or, you could leave it off, have a GPMG at each door and carry troops, zipping across the battlefield to drop out onto the roof of an important objective.

Zulfiqar MBT

This model was going to bring a change to one force – a Main Battle Tank for the MEA (Middle Eastern Alliance).  While not having the ‘legs’ of the heavyweights such as the Challenger II and Abrams, it gave a powerful punch to MEA forces, and that low, low profile made it easy to hide behind terrain!

Super Cobra

We couldn’t let the USMC go into battle without air support for long, and this Super Cobra was just the ticket.  Hellfire II missiles gave it a heavy punch and if there were other aircraft in the area, Sidewinders would soon bring them down. Anything left could be mopped up with the under-chin M197 cannon.


Not that the air units would have things all their own way. The EQ2050 Air Defence System was the Chinese PLA’s answer to airpower. Cheap in points, just a couple of these could deny an entire battlefield to the choppers. A fun little mdoel, the missiles rotated and pivoted up and down on their stand.

USMC Stinger Team

Ready to knock down a marauding Super Lynx, as well as suppress any other nations that got the idea of bringing massed airpower to a fight, the two man USMC Stinger Team provided a remarkably effective air defence. Scatter a few of these throughout your squads and enemy choppers had to proceed with utmost caution.

Leopard II 140mm

Here’s a favourite – the first non-British unit to join the European Task Force; the German Leopard II, with the revised 140mm gun, a tank that was extremely well-armoured and laughed at the puny weapons carried by the Abrams and Challenger II.

USMC in Woodland Camo

Finally, another couple of models we uncovered – these were never intended to go into production (at least, nto in the time scales we were looking at) but we thought it would be fun to experiment with a USMC force in more ‘traditional’ woodland-style camo. So, we knocked up this Abrams and a Shadow transport.

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