Star Fleet Reference Cards

The Star Fleet Reference Cards Pack (perhaps we should say Pack #1, as no doubt there will be more in the future to cover new ships that come along) is due to go off to print in a few days, so now seems the right time to give you all a sneak peek at them.

This is a 90 card deck and, as the more observant of you will immediatly spot, that is more cards than ships in A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. So, the first question to be answered is that yes, there will be duplicates of the more common ships in the game, meaning for many games a single deck will be all you need (unless you start fielding unusual fleets, or are a confirmed five Kirov man!).

Each card is double-sided, with the Ship’s details on one side, together with a picture of the ship for ready identification;

Federation Dreadnought

And it’s ‘game boxes’ on the other. With a white board-style marker, you can cross off important details such as hits on Shields, the hull, and critical hits;

Reverse Side

This means you can lay your entire fleet of cards on your sideline during play, and simply cross off damage and other features as they come in!

We have included not only the core hull designs, but also the variants, with each variant having its own card for ease of use. On top of that, each fleet is colour-coded, allowing you to readily identify which ships are yours in the deck.

Klingon C8

C8 Reverse

If these cards prove popular, we will release new deck packs as new ships and supplements are released, with the first following the Battle Groups supplement later this year.

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