Club Mongoose

Want to play Mongoose games? Want to socialise with other players of Mongoose games, and prove you are the best?

Starting May 12th, and on every second Saturday of every month, we are throwing open our doors at Mongoose HQ in Swindon, and inviting one and all to come play!

We already have a Traveller game set to be run, and there will be leagues/campaigns for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet/Noble Armada, and Judge Dredd.

Everything will be run pretty loose and freeform, so if you have a hankering to play, say, Legend, Armageddon 2089, or Victory at Sea, turn up on the day and we’ll rouse the other attendees to join in! It is an open house, with you being free to play pretty much what you want, when you want – the only rule is that it is a day for Mongoose games!

Doors will open at 10am and close around 6pm, and all play is completely free. Just bring yourself, any relevant books or minis (both of which can be provided if you are lacking!), and enjoy some fun-filled days with your favourite games.

As well as May 12th, we will also be running Club Mongoose on the following dates;

June 9th
July 14th
August 11th
October 13th
November 10th

As always, Mongoose HQ is in Swindon, and a map with directions can be found here.


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