A New Day, A New Web Site

Well, today was not too stressful!

We went live with the new web site yesterday, after many months fiddling, testing and tweaking.  We knew issues would develop when it went live (they always do), we just didn’t know which ones!

Anyway, to cut a very long and fraught story short, all the issues that greeted us this morning have been put to bed, and the new web site is ready and waiting for your perusal!

We are using, at best, a tenth of the site’s functionality, and we will be adding a great deal more to it over the weeks and months to come.  First up will be the forum upgrade, but beyond that, you will see the return of Signs & Portents and Mongoose en Francais, proper integration of the Mongoose Infantry into the web site, e-books for download, and oodles more.  We just have to make sure everything else works first!

However, the new site is all kinds of cool as it stands.  Planet Mongoose, for example, now rests on WordPress which is way, way better than the archaic bit of software we were using before, and far more flexible.  For example, it was a real chore getting pictures onto the old Planet Mongoose (not to mention italics…), but a piece of cake now, so expect all sorts of cool previews.

The old site was getting to be a nightmare to navigate (to be fair, it was getting on to be ten years old), whereas everything is now at your fingertips on the vertical menu system and, once in a product line, you can arrange the individual books and miniatures to suit you (oldest to newest, number of products on a page, etc).

Some of you will be aware that we have been running Twitter and Facebook over the past few weeks.  These now have proper invitations on our web site and will be used more often to give you the widest spread of news possible for Mongoose and our games.  Take a trip to our News section for how we will be breaking down our news items between them, and choose which is most convenient to you!

Ordering products from our web site should also be a more healthy experience!  Gone is the old clunky shopping cart to be replaced by the brand new model.  You will be able to check the status of your orders, have the site remember your name and address (really advanced stuff, I know, but you miss it when it isn’t there), and flit between pages far more easily.  At our end, the mail order system has, well, pretty much transformed our Mail Order departments on both sides of the Atlantic!  We still need to integrate a few things to our existing systems, but we now have some very powerful tools at our disposal to ensure you get the right book or miniature in the shortest possible time.  We are aiming to turnaround all mail orders for existing items in stock within one working day.

And all this means we can now offer free postage on your largest orders!

As I said, we are still adding bits and pieces to the site, so please bear with us.  If something seems a little wonky over the next couple of days or so, let us know and it will be fixed promptly. If you are waiting for some functionality that is not present yet, we are working hard to bring it online!

In the meantime, welcome to our new site, and have a look around!

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  • The new site looks excellent. Really sharp clean and easy to get around, great job! Good to see Mongoose growing and thriving!

    Comment by Chris on August 19, 2011 at 5:53 am
  • Excellent job on the new site : it really looks great !

    Comment by Arasmo on August 19, 2011 at 7:19 am

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