The Battle of the River Plate

While the new edition of Victory at Sea is still some ways off yet (Q2 2013 at the earliest, it looks like – would be nice to have it ready for Salute though), we are proceeding with our new range of 1/1800 World War II warship range, starting off in September with the Battle of the River Plate box set.

We have been working hard, alongside the team of Mongoose’s Official Naval Boffins (the ONB), to make these as accurate as we possibly can, and cram as much detail as possible onto the hulls. The base and hull will be cast in resin, the superstructure, guns, cranes and other details in metal. This is what will be in the box set…

Admiral Graf Spee

Wire-Frame View of the Admiral

HMS Achilles

HMS Ajax

Ajax in Wire-Frame

HMS Exeter

As well as these ships, we will be doing seperate models of all their variants, which will be available by mail order, including the Admiral Scheer, York, Leander, Neptune and Orion.

This will be a common theme as we introduce this range, starting with a box set and, alongside it, releasing all variants of the ships within on their own. The box sets will be going into full distribution, while the ‘singles’ will be available by mail order and via specialist retail stores.

The Battle of the River Plate box set will be available in September. Next up, in October, the Battle of the Denmark Strait box set, with our old favourites, Bismarck and Hood!






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