New Ships Hove Into View

We have a double treat today, as brand new ships for both Noble Armada and Star Fleet have just come back from our painter, looking resplendant in their fleets’ colours!

First up, two new ships for the Church fleet in Noble Armada…

Lextius-class Cruiser

This bad boy is bedecked with heavy heat blasters – 12 of them, in fact! This weapon literally cooks crews inside enemy vessels, bestowing an automatic critical hit to the Crew location with every normal critical hit caused. If that weren’t enough, it is also a Multihit 3 weapon, backed up by 5 light heat blasters on each broadside. Still want more? Well, help yourself to four fighters carried on board too, all for just 400 points.

Zorothion-class Destroyer

Escorting the Lextius into battle will no doubt be a squadron of Zorothion destroyers. Fast and agile, the Zorothion carries a healthy complement of troops, with half of them being Marauders, guaranteeing you will overwhelm your enemies when things get up close and personal.

Kzinti Fast Cruiser

Sporting a slightly new look and an all new paint job is the Fast Cruiser for Kzinti fleets. Each Kzinti ship is painted in a fashion mirroring the fur patterns of its captain, and this ship is adept at sprinting behind enemy lines to flank and destroy ships before they can retaliate against the rest of the fleet.

Kzinti Medium Cruiser

A mainstay of the Kzinti fleet, the Medium Cruiser can not only dish it out, it can take it as well, as evidenced by the ADD fittings, three Disruptors and, of course, a healthy amount of drones. Plenty of shielding ensures this ship can mix it up with heavy cruisers and still hold its own.


All these ships are available for pre-order on our web site right now, and will start shipping in August.


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