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Over the next few weeks, you are going to see an awful lot of updates about Judge Dredd (the Kickstarter starts on Thursday morning!). However, other people at Mongoose HQ have not been idle in the least, and there is quite a lot going on under the bonnet, so to speak.

Tomorrow, we will get the first production model of the new Victory at Sea range – HMS Exeter. You will see this ina couple of weeks or so, as it will be sailing off to be painted immediatly. And, today, HMS Achilles and the Graf Spee both went into prototype, so will be following Exeter quickly, and Ajax will not be far behind – we will then be releasing all four models as a Battle of the River Plate box set in October (individual models may be available before this).

After that, we have, well, a fleet load of ships on the way! Below are just a few of the goodies Sandrine has been working on – all will be at 1/1800 scale, and all at very reasonable prices (the Battle of the River Plate box set has been listed at $29.99).

HMS Illustrious

SM79 Sparviero Flight

Regia Marina Trento

Tribal-class Destroyer

Fairey Swordfish Flight

Always a Favourite - HMS Hood

Fairmile D MTB

HMS Orion

HMS Warspite, 1940 style

Prinz Eugen

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