What is in a Block War?

Now our Judge Dredd Kickstarter has begun, I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at what we are planning for the Block War supplement, the main driving force behind the Kickstarter and all the new models that will be appearing.

Block War

Block War will, like the main rulebook, be completely free to download, and will appear in ‘chunks,’ regularly updated with new rules and background material, all compiled from comments made by the players of this game. So, the first ‘draft,’ I can already tell you, will have all the rules needed to start using Brit-Cit Judges as a complete force or as mercenaries, along with everything needed to use their special equipment, and background information on Brit-Cit, its Justice Department and Cal-Hab, its northernmost province.

Beyond that, the basic structure of Block War will look something like this;

Along with weaponry, this chapter will give you lots of new ‘toys’ with which to bring the Law to the streets – or bring it crashing down. The Justice Departments of both Mega-City One and Brit-Cit have their own unique tools but there will be plenty of new kit for other forces to take advantage of.

Block War Forces
This will be of most interest to many players, full force lists for all sorts of new factions that are being added to the game. As I mentioned above, the Brit-Cit Justice Department is already in there, but many more are being planned. In part, which appear first will be down to players on our forums and those taking part in the Kickstarter programme – you tell us you want something, we’ll put it into production. Our current plans include a Citi-Def Squad, Sov Judge Invasion Force, Demon Cultists and the Dark Judges, but we want to hear what you want to see!

As well as the main forces, there are many Mercenaries available in the Judge Dredd miniatures game, and these are used in campaigns to balance forces. Even if you are facing the Dark Judges with a lowly Street Gang, you will have at least a fighting chance! Some Mercenaries are appear in force lists (a Brit-Cit Judge force can always call on more beat judges, and a Mega-City One force might have a Brit-Cit Judge over as part of an exchange programme – and vice versa), while others are truly unique. Once we figure out exactly what he does in the game (!), Walter the Wobot will be appearing here, along with the likes of Exorcist Judges and various creeps for non-Justice Department forces.

One of the big additions Block War brings to the game is vehicles. From humble Ground Cars to the mighty Manta Prowl Tank (and there have been many suggestions that we should consider doing the Killdozer/Land-Raider combo), your forces will now have access to some serious firepower (just as well, if the Dark Judges are going to be showing up!). Vehicles can be bought for a force, or added as Mercenaries, as required. We may consider some ‘customisation’ or experience rules for those actually bought for forces.

The rules for vehicles will be split into two – those used in normal force vs. force games and…

Terror on the Megway
These are the rules that will see your vehicles (force members no doubt clinging on for dear life!) pound down the Megway at speeds over 200mph, wevaing in and out of traffic as they trade shots and try to dominate the road, or keep it safe for Law-abiding citizens. A completely different type of game, but one fully compatible with the rest of the core rules – expect to see some special rules for Wrecker Gangs along the way!

Block Wars
The namesake of the supplement as a whole, we will be adding rules for massed riots, covering everything from mutant or zombie invasions from the Cursed Earth to Block Mania, where the citizens of several blocks all fighting one another to prove their supremacy. These rules will add units to the game (Minions led by Heroes) though, as far as campaign games are concerned, Block Wars are just another type of scenario, so your cherised force might find itself in a desperate fight for its life!

On top of all that, we are already adding copious background articles and excerpts from the comic strips to bring you right into Mega-City One and the surrounding world. Whetehr you are a Dredd-veteran or a newcomer, everythign you need to get grounded will be here.

You will be able to download the first draft of Block War very soon, and we will be continually adding to it throughout the Kickstarter project and beyond. We will welcome any and all comments, and encourage players to make their opinions known so we can shape the game into one they really want to play.



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