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Over the next couple of weeks, we will be launching our new official newsletter, Global Mongoose.  Ported straight to you email Inbox once a week, this will give you a good summary of everything that is happening in the world of Mongoose, allowing you to keep tabs on what we are doing!

To make sure you get your weekly copy, simply enter your email address in the Stay Connected section of our front page (you may need to scroll down slightly to see it).  We will be porting over the email addresses from our current (though now defunct) mailing list but please don’t rely on the technology involved – it is much safer to register yourself than to miss out on some juicy Mongoose gossip!

With the coming of Global Mongoose, you now have several ways to keep tabs on what we are doing, when and how.

Planet Mongoose
Regularly updated, our Planet Mongoose blog provides in-depth articles on new products, sneak previews and the general workings of Mongoose, giving you a chance to see what happens behind the scenes.

Global Mongoose
The all new newsletter, delivered by email once a week, with a summary of everything that has been going on since the last issue.

The Eye on Mongoose group gives up to the minute news bulletins, plus a chance to quiz Mongoose staff members on exactly what any item really means!

A direct link to the desk of Head Mongoose, Matthew Sprange, and his random thoughts of the day.  Expect a degree of lost sanity, but also a glimpse into what it is like running a games company.

Our forums, accessible from our web site, are still a main feature for fans of our games.  Swing by and discuss the latest news or best tactics for our RPGs, miniatures games, or card and board games.

Now we have arrived in the 21st Century, it is even easier to keep up to date with what Mongoose is up to!

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