Pat Wagon

We have just unveiled the first of a line of new Pat Wagons for the Judge Dredd miniatures game, ready to serve the Justice Department! Here at Planet Mongoose, we will take a closer look at this workhorse of the judges…

Mk III Pat Wagon

After the Lawmaster, the Mk III Pat Wagon is the most commonly sighted  Justice Department vehicle seen on the streets of Mega-City One.  Designed to be flexible enough to bring the Law to citizen riots and armoured perps, as well as fulfil the grunt work of catch and meat wagon teams, the Mk III Pat Wagon is well respected among the judges for being able to take just about any punishment the streets can give.  The turret mounted street cannon is a specialised variant of the bike cannon found on Lawmasters, and is capable of firing a variety of ammunition, such as flare, gas and solid rounds.

We are planning several variants of the Mk III Pat Wagon, including a Fire Wagon and a heavily armoured Riot Wagon.

The Business End of a Mk III

There is also a Mk IV Pat Wagon in the works, an anti-grav version of the Mk III, also common in many sectors. The anti-grav drive grants freedom to pursue perps over rougher ground than its predecessor, though it is not quite so tough and carries fewer judges into the streets (or fewer perps to the iso-cubes!).

Expect to see the Pat Wagon roaming the streets of Mega-City One before the end of the year!

Just a quick update – the Fire Wagon is now ready too!

Fire Wagon

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