New Ships for Noble Armada

You’ve seen the Kurgan, you’ve seen the Vuldrok, you have even seen sneak peeks of the Vau, and there are already four brand new ships available for the Noble Houses.  What else is Fleets of the Fadings Suns bringing with it?  Let us take you on a quick tour of some of the new vessels that are being worked on right now, along with what you can expect fvrom them on the tabletop…

Decados Donatello Gunship

Donatello Gunship

This bad boy is one of a new breed of vessel – slightly larger than a heavy fighter, it can still be taken into battle by carriers and packs a meaner punch! The Donatello is not much of a dogfighter but it has a military-grade hull with reinforced shields, meaning it can weather a full broadside from many small ships, which form its main prey.

Hazat Immortal Boarding Shuttle

Immortal Boarding Shuttle

Troops just hanging back on your Trafalgar all day? Not any more!  Load them up into an Immortal boarding shuttle and send them off into the void!  If you flood an area of space with these and a few choice fighters, your enemy will not know which way to look.  The Immortal will float towards an enemy (a Hull of 5, with Shields, will make sure it gets there), then latch on, disgorging Troops directly into the heat of battle.  Then the shuttle can return to the carrier, pick up more troops, and do the same thing all over again…

Hazat Allat Escort

Allat Escort

Of course, you want to guarantee your shuttles get tot he enemy in the first place – which is where the Allat comes into play!  This is one of the few dedicated escorts in Known Space, with its banks of gatling lasers specially primed and calibrated for the protection of other craft.  Have a few of these in your formation, and say goodbye to worries caused by fighters or missiles!

Hawkwood Sawfly Command Frigate

Sawfly Command Frigate

It is never easy, being in command, but you can make things at least a little less difficult with a Sawfly or two in your fleet.  With a sophisticated flag bridge, this small ship is capable of leading a decent fleet into battle, and if you take several, you weill never lose the Command trait they bring.

Church Confirmation Grand Cruiser

Confirmation Grand Cruiser

Be very afraid – the Church is coming, and they don’t care whether you have been naughty or nice. Armed to the teeth with new technology (that is far too complicated for your use, of course), the Confirmation arrives on the scene when the Church really means business. Packed from stem to stern with heat blasters (of the biggest variety), the Confirmation carries fighters into battle and is packed full of Marauders.

Church Mitre Monitor

Mitre Monitor

If you need something smaller, then the Church is only too happy to send along a squadron of Mitres, a deadly monitor; the size of a galliot but built round a meson cannon!

Honoured Saint Martyr Fighter

Honoured Saint Martyr Fighter

There is never any shortage of fanatics in the Church, and the best and the brightest get to pilot one of these – the deadly Honoured Saint, a suicide fighter designed to ram into an enemy vessel to cause catastrophic damage.  Nobles will be pleased to hear that a large contingent of these fighters have been gifted to Li Halan.

Zorothion Destroyer

Zorothion Destroyer

The main ship of the line for the Church, the Zorothion carries massed heat blasters to cook enemy crews and plenty of troops to board the empty hulls thereafter.  Fear the approach of this ship.

Fleets of the Fading Suns is due for release in October, and this is just a smattering of the new ships and fleets included. Still to come; the rest of the Church fleet, the Hawkwood Heracles Armoured Cruiser (Hull 6!), the Decados Raphael Heavy Cruiser, al Malik Serendipity Scout Cruiser, the Li Halan Kojiki Escort and many more!


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