Coming to a Mega-City Near You Soon

Lots of very exciting things happening in the world of the Judge Dredd miniatures game right now – we’ll be doing a full reveal just as soon as we have the last of the ducks in a line! In the meantime, however, we thought this was the opportune time to release some preview pics of models that will be hitting the streets in the next few months…

War Marshal Kazan

First up is War Marshal Kazan, architect of the Apocalypse War and leader of the Sov invasion forces. If you have Sov Judges in your collection, you are not going to want to miss this guy!

Kazan Leading the Troops

How will the judges of Mega-City One respond to this threat? How will the hold the line against everything that menaces their beloved city? Well, perhaps they will want to try out a few of these…

Mechanismo Mk I

Mechanismo Mk II

Mechanismo Mk II

Heavily armoured, and tooled up with rockets and the Judgementbringer Cannon, there are few Lawbreakers that will survive long against these beauties! And the Mk I model hardly ever goes wrong…

Oola Blint

Not a major character in the Dredd universe, we nevertheless think that this is one of the best models in the range (from the talented hands of Gary Morely). In fact, we like this lady so much, we’ll post another picture of her!

Oola Blint

Stan Lee

Finally for this short preview, there is Stan Lee, one of the few perps to arrive in Mega-City One who managed to beat up Dredd in a fist fight (though not twice in a row).

All these models will be appearing on our web site and in stores over the next few months, along with many more which we will be unveiling soon!

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