A Walk Through the Streets

Now everyone has their hands on the Judge Dredd miniatures game, we are beginning to see some fine painted forces out there! These are just a few from our forums, for you to view and maybe gets some ideas from! Click on any of the photos to get a better look.

These are a favourite of mine, a nice brightly coloured gang of Sky Surfers from Richred_UK. He has changed the flying bases and there is some lovely detail on the power boards themselves. The bright colours fit in well for the juves of Mega-City One!

A nice action shot from Da Boss of an East Meg Invasion Force making its way through the rubble of a nuked sector.

The Sentenoid is a popular model (clawed-death robot – what is not to like!). This one is from Deathjester.

This is officially a very pretty model. It may be just a chimp with a club, worth just a few Credits in the game, but have a look at the detail Dai-Mongar has achieved here, especially the blood-slick on the club.

A full complement of Renegade Robots next, from Malosavich, using all the models from the box set.

From Richred_UK again, this time the Angel Gang. Overall duller tones, but they fit in very well with the themes of the Cursed Earth.

We ought to feature some of Mega-City One’s finest, of course. This patrol is from Da Boss, no doubt getting ready to face the East Meg invasion!

And we round off with a Brit-Cit force (new miniatures are coming in the New Year!) from Marshal_Law.

We are still running the thread on our forums where people can display their painted Judge Dredd models, so grab your camera and show the world what you can do!


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