Guardians of Justice

The Law is fallible and Judges are not always around to protect the citizens of Mega-City One. For a few, this is an injustice and so they take up the (illegal) fight against crime themselves, becoming vigilantes who right wrongs and confront perps with varying degrees of violence.

The Lone Vigilante presented in the main rulebook is fairly typical of citizens who wish to adopt a heroic persona but there are many different ways in which a vigilante may take to the streets. The vigilantes presented here may all be used in place of the Lone Vigilante found on page 74 of the main rulebook.

Unless otherwise stated, all the special rules and options available to the Lone Vigilante may also be used by those detailed here, with the exception of gaining Psi Talents and a Psi score. Alternatively, these vigilantes may also be used as Mercenaries by any force with access to the Lone Vigilante.

In either case, all characteristic increases and Talents have already been chosen for their first level, though others may be added as normal, either by gaining experience or using the option to increase the starting level of the vigilante.

You can download the full rules for all of these vigilantes right here.


Stefan Seagull – Major Liberty

Stefan took his time in Chuck Yeager block’s Citi-Def more seriously than most and, despite rising up through the ranks, became disillusioned by the lack of professionalism among his comrades. While other soldiers worked out or watched action vids, Stefan stole a suit of combat armour from the block’s armoury and, adopting the persona of Major Liberty, now tracks down the largest gangs and best-protected criminal bosses he can find.

Major Liberty

Kallistra Fane – The Blood Witch

Once the leader of the successful Sector 79 Rats, Kallistra had a forced change of career when her gang was ambushed by a coalition of weaker street gangs who joined together to defeat the Rats. Now more of a psychopath than she ever was in her gang days, Kallistra roams City Bottom at night, hunting those she considers worthless scum. She does not do this out of a sense of duty or a desire to protect the city, but from a deep-rooted need to play out that fateful ambush, again and again. Her terrifying displays of casual brutality have led to Kallistra being called the Blood Witch by those she hunts.

The Blood Witch


Call-Me-Ron broke his programming after discovering what he has earnestly come to believe is a magic hammer given to him by the gods. Upon picking up the mighty weapon (which he calls Mjolnir, but construction experts identify as a Mk-17 Brutaliser), Call-Me-Ron began his divinely-inspired mission to rid the world of all evil – street gangs, mutants, Judges… whoever comes to reach, really…

Big Jobs: Call-Me-Ron is armed with powerful wrecking equipment in the form of a giant hammer he calls Mjolnir. If Mjolnir causes damage against a target, the player can choose to also apply the Power Shot special rule, possibly sending an enemy flying through the air!


Mary-May Moffit  – Vanity Bonfire

A massive fan all her life of the hit superhero vid-show The Human Candle, Mary-May Moffit easily found her way in life after leaving school. Instead of trying to cope with unemployment, she would emulate her hero and become Vanity Bonfire. She cannot fly, of course, and uses homemade flamethrowers instead of psychic powers to light up her foes but, as Vanity Bonfire, she knows she stands for truth, justice, and the Mega-City way.

Flame Retardant Leathers (15 cr.): While fabricated from non-flammable material, these leathers do not provide full body coverage. However, they remain a cheap option for a street punk expecting to face fire. A model wearing flame-retardant leathers will ignore the first point of damage suffered from any Fire weapon every Turn.

Vanity Flamethrower: A fairly ingenious set of devices created by someone so young, the Vanity flamethrower is a small, pistol-sized device designed worn on the wrists and linked to a miniature fuel tank hidden under her jacket. To the casual observer, these weapons make it look as though Vanity Bonfire can project flame from her hands, just like her on-screen hero, the Human Candle.

Vanity Bonfire

‘Melons’ Gotti – The Dapper Don

Born into an ape criminal family, Melons rejected the life of his brothers and turned his back on their traditions. It was said no one could walk away from the Gotti family, and Melons became an instant target, with a price on his head large enough to guarantee any chimp with a crowbar would be after him. Melons has not only survived many attempts on his life, but has started to hit back at the criminal elements of the city, both ape and human, becoming known on popular vid-news channels as the Dapper Don.

Swinging Ape: Melons is very agile, and can scale sheer surfaces or swing across wide gaps with ease. He can treat any sheer surface as clear terrain, so long as it begins and ends it phase on a flat surface, and can move across any open gap up to his Move without making an Agility check.

The dapper Don

Hinako Shiratori – The Sapphire Swan

Once a cadet for the Justice Department in Hondo-Cit, Hinako emigrated to Mega-City One with her family when she failed an assessment and was thrown out of the academy. Life continued to take a bad turn when Hinako’s parents were killed by a tap gang outside their block. Fuelled by nothing but thoughts of vengeance on all criminal scum, Hinako became the Sapphire Swan and now uses her considerable skills to make all small-time perps in Mega-City One pay for their crimes.

The Sapphire Swan

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