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The Judge Dredd miniatures game has been around for a few months now, so it is time to have a look at some of your commonly asked questions and make a handful of necessary tweaks to a few entries. All of the items here are official and should be considered ‘tournament-ready.’

The entire FAQ and errata is listed here, but you can download a PDF version from here.



The Game Turn

What happens when two models roll a natural 10 during an opposed check?
Both succeed and it is therefore a tie – both models re-roll.


Shoot Actions

When shooting at an enemy model and you roll one or more 10s, do these automatically hit (causing a critical hit) or can the enemy still dodge these if they rolled higher (with modifiers) for their Agility?

It is not an automatic hit, and the enemy can still dodge the shot if he rolls high enough on his Agility. However, if he fails, it will be a critical hit.

Do friendly models block Line of Sight for shooting?
They do indeed! If they are partially covering an enemy model, count them as providing light cover.


Melee Actions

When pushing a model 2” back after winning close combat, what is defined as directly away?

Directly backwards, not crabbing off to one side!

Can you push a model that lost combat through other models?
No, count other models as impassable for this purpose.

Can you declare a melee action against a target that is around a corner?
Yes, you can. However, unless you have at least 3” of straight line movement after the corner, you will not get the benefit of Charging.


Special Actions

When in close combat, can a model perform a Special action, perhaps activating Shield Wall?

No, you can only choose to perform Melee actions if you are already in close combat (or a Move action, if you want to get out of there!). Shield Walls must be attempted before you enter close combat, as it would be a bit difficult when you are already fighting!


Advanced Rules

If a Minion successfully resists arrest, do any remaining Judges have to attempt to arrest them as well?

No, once a Minion resists arrest, he is open game for any Judge!

Will you always take at least one point of damage from falling?

Yes, falling from 4” or less will always cause at least one point of damage, even if you make the Agility check (because you round up fractions). By the same token, if you fall 15” or more and succeed in an Agility check, you will lose half your starting Hits (the model managed to break its fall somehow).

How do Explosive weapons and cover interact? For example, if I shoot someone in cover around a corner, and it hits the model next to him, who is out of my Line of Sight, does that model get cover as well?

The second model would indeed get the benefit of cover. This reflects the fact that you may not know exactly where he is.



Can werewolves/zombies/demons ride bikes?

Sure. Sounds like fun!


Justice Department

Can a Cal-Hub, Brit-Cit or Judge from any other Mega-City who has been permanently seconded to the Justice Department get a Lawmaster instead of an Iron Lion?

He can, and we’ll go you one better – if he is brought in as a temporary Mercenary, he can still be bought a Lawmaster (on a temporary basis). See page 26 on ‘acquiring’ vehicles…


Zombie Horde

Zombies do not use the normal armour rules. What effect does heavy cover or weapons with an AP score have on the damage roll?

Heavy cover will grant a bonus to the zombie’s Agility as normal, but neither cover nor AP have any effect on the roll for destroying a zombie – the ability to rip through a zombie with a bullet is not much help, you need weapons that can dismember them!

Can zombies ride in and drive vehicles, and can they shoot any mounted weapons?

Zombies can indeed ride and drive vehicles, but have no Shoot score and so cannot perform any Shoot actions (and thus cannot use shooting weapons).

Can a Zombie Master try to reanimate the same zombie twice (the turn it is destroyed and the turn after) if he remains within 12”?

You get just one try to reanimate each zombie – if you fail once, remove the zombie.

Do you get XP for each time you kill a zombie, even if the Zombie Master then raises it again, or is it the model that finishes it permanently that gets the reward?

You must remove a model from the table to get its XP, so it is the model that delivered the final blow that gets it in this case.

Zombies have no weapons listed, nor can you buy any for them. In close combat, therefore, do they count as having Fists and Feet?

Yes, and this applies to any model with no close combat weapon listed (even if they are using horns, tentacles, pseudopods…).



Do you need to specify what type of ammunition you are using when you equip a Judge with the Mk I Lawgiver?

No. While the background describing the Mk I Lawgiver says it only has two magazines, we can assume the Judge has selected the most suitable ammunition for the coming fight.

Does the Lawrod use the same rounds as the Mk I Lawgiver, in effect the same as the Mk II minus the Stumm Gas rounds?

That is correct.



The Shadow makes reference to Master Stealth – is that supposed to be The Shadow?

It is indeed, yes. It was called Master Stealth in the original playtest version of the game.

Does the Loyal Bodyguard Talent allow attacks to be redirected to a model the opponent cannot see?

Yes – the bodyguard heroically leaps out of cover to catch the bullet!

If a Citi-Def officer is shot by a soldier that is also his Loyal Bodyguard, does the soldier realise his mistake and leap in front of his shots, protecting the officer?

And no to this one. You cannot leap in front of your own bullets, no matter how devoted you are!

When using The Shadow and attacking with multiple dice, does a model automatically cause one critical hit or do all its attacks cause critical hits?

All. Enjoy.

Can a model take advantage of more then one Voice of Command at the same time? Does this Talent stack with itself?

No. If lots of people start bossing a model about at the same time, he will just get confused! A model can only take advantage of one Voice of Command at any one time.

How does ramming interact with Drive-By Boot and Bike Wheelie?

It does not – choose to either ram or use one of these Talents, you cannot do both.

The Riot Judge Talent tree has a lot of shield-type Talents, but does not actually specify that you need a shield to use them…

Yes, you need to have a Riot Shield to use a Talent that mentions said shield.

Accurate states that it can only be used by single Shooting Dice weapons. Does that mean a model that  gets an extra Shooting Die from Dual Pistol Master can also use Accurate, if his weapon starts at one Shooting Die?

No. One Shooting Die means one Shooting Die, regardless of where the Dice are coming from. You are taking a single, prepared shot, not blazing away!

What is the use of the arrested component of the Slippery Talent, since Heroes cannot be arrested?

It is possible for Heroes to be arrested in some very specific circumstances, such as Chief Judge Cal arresting Mega-City One Judges. We may also add more possibilities in the future…

Is there anything that limits Loyal Follower in the same way as Fixer? I cannot see anything that stops you, say, challenging a Dark Judges player, making a Lone Vigilante tooled up to the eyeballs with Psi Talents, laser pistols, katanas and other gear, then taking Loyal Follower and immediately upping your gang’s value by, like, 500 Credits (minus anything slaughtered by Judge Death, of course)?

This is possible. However, there are some drawbacks. First of all, you will be facing some very heavy opposition and may well lose your Lone Vigilante and anyone else he brings along. Second, if you do pull it off, this game has a self-balancing mechanism through the use of Mercenaries so you will just be facing tougher enemies with a Hero that has probably not gained enough levels to survive what he will now be facing!

Do you have to pay to improve Minions with Inspire and Elevate?

No, but your force value will go up by 50 Credits.


Psi Talents

Does Shroud of Death last even after the model has avoided death once?

It does indeed.

Does Shroud of Death activate by hit, or by attack? If a 1 Hit model with Shroud of Death active gets shot by a gun with 4 Shooting Dice, and all those dice successfully hit, will he have to roll 4 Will checks in sequence to survive, or just one?

Just one. Shroud of Death kicks in whenever the model reaches 0 Hits – all those Shooting Dice are being rolled at once and so are all happening at the same time.

How do Psi Talents work when a model is on a bike?

User Only Psi Talents affect only the Hero, not his bike (so, he cannot Levitate his bike!). Psi Talents that function as shooting attacks may be used from a bike.



If a force value gets high enough, there is nothing to stop a player using a single unarmed Juve (or similar) and picking a Credit value of 10 for a challenge, knowing that no-one else in the campaign has anything that cheap to contest them. Is that right?

No. When you fight in a campaign, you use every model at your disposal (it is a desperate battle, not a game to your guys!). You cannot just select part of your force!


Blood on the Streets

Can you sell gear models start with?

No. No one wants a second hand shell jacket.

What is the Rep of the Dark Judges?

That is a very good question (though a better one might be why the Dark Judges are trying to run a gangster operation…). We would recommend you make the Dark Judges’ Rep twice that of the highest other Rep in the campaign.


Official Errata

The following are official changes to the Judge Dredd miniatures game and will be repeated in future reprints of the main rulebook.

Riot Wagon, Manta Prowl Tank and Pat Wagon (pages 32-34)

Remove the Gas special rule from the Riot Foam jets. These weapons otherwise use the rules for Riot Foam as detailed on page 101.

Lawmaster Mastery (page 128)

As with all Judge Talent trees, this may be used by any type of Judge (including those from other Mega-Cities, such as East Meg or Brit-Cit), and the Talents may be applied to any type of bike, not just Lawmasters.

Heist! (page 144)

The deployment zones on the map should be swapped around, with the attacker setting up in the centre. The text under the Set Up section is correct.

Mechanismo Judgementbringer Cannon (page 156)

The table for the Judgementbringer Cannon, for both the Mk I and Mk II Mechanismo, should read as follows.

Range Shooting Dice Damage AP Special Rules
Judgementbringer Cannon 18”
– Armour-piercing 1D 1 -4
– High-explosive 1D 3 -2 Explosive 1
– Incendiary 1D 1 0 Fire
– Standard Execution 4D 2 -2



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