Shamed Judges

With the release of the brand new Judge Cal’s Retinue box set, it is a good time to bring a new unit into the Judge Dredd miniatures game – Shamed Judges!

The set includes two such Law enforcers, Judges Glass and Quincy, both victims of Judge Cal’s megalomania.

Judge Quincy was the first to be shamed by Chief Judge Cal, for losing a button on his uniform. Cal insisted that he lose his uniform or his life, forcing Quincy to follow his duties in his underwear.

Judge Quincy

Judges Glass and Percy quickly followed after they allowed Judge Dredd to escape from custody. Appealing to SJS Judge Slocum, a plan was hatched that played on Cal’s insanity. Replacing the uniforms of Glass and Percy with dresses, Slocum informed Cal that Deputy Chief Judge Fish had ordered them to dress as little girls as a warning to other Judges that they should behave like men. Not wanting to overrule his pet fish (as the other Judges might lose faith in him…), Cal immediately agreed.

Judge Glass

A Shamed Judge is a good way to get a Hero Judge on to the table at heavily discounted price and his presence may help to steady a wavering line when casualties start piling up. However, he lacks a Judge’s armour (the Armour +2 is because he gets to keep his helmet!) and he certainly cannot be trusted if left alone near Chief Judge Cal!

Shamed Judges may be included in any force of Chief Judge Cal’s Personal Retinue.


Shamed Judge                                            95 Credits

Move Agility Shoot Melee Melee Dice Will Armour Hits
Shamed Judge 5” +1 +1 +1 2D +1 +2 2

Type: Infantry Hero

Equipment: Boot Knife, Day Stick, Lawgiver

You May be Next: The Shamed Judges do serve a useful purpose – they are a stark warning to any other Judge in Cal’s force not to fail! Any friendly Street Judge or SJS Judge within 6” of a Shamed Judge may re-roll all failed Will to Fight checks.

Death to Tyrants!: Even Shamed Judges have their limits and will slowly become aware of just how insane Cal is. If a Shamed Judge is within 6” of Chief Judge Cal and no other friendly Street Judges or SJS Judges are within Line of Sight, then control of the Shamed Judge immediately passes over to other player who may use it to attack no model other than Chief Judge Cal. If Cal is removed from the table as a casualty, so is any Shamed Judge trying to attack him.

Options: A Shamed Judge does not receive the usual equipment options of a Street Judge!


Case File

A few Judges were publicly shamed by Chief Judge Cal for their cowardice or disobedience. These punishments typically involved losing uniforms and having them replaced with dresses or nothing at all! In the end, some Shamed Judges were pushed too far and made an attempt on Cal’s life but all were thwarted.#

You can get a PDF version of these new rules here.


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