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This framework provides nhs and the public sector with an OJEU-compliant route for access to invoice validation, cost recovery services and compliance services for public services such as. B; Energy, water and telecommunications, as well as tariffs and rents. The framework ensures that you are only charged for rates agreed with the supplier and offers a direct price and a mini-competition. Perhaps you would also like to know more about our corresponding executives: who can benefit from them? All NHS and the wider public sector allow organizations to enter into a quick and simple registration process About this agreementThe invoice validation service ensures that you are only used for utilities used at the rates agreed with the supplier. Mistakes are often made by estimated invoices and erroneous contract fees, which means that many companies overpay in large sums of money each year. In this way, budget holders in organizations can plan for the future with stronger and more accurate budgeting and forecasts, which will improve cash flow tracking. About 3 to 5% of procurement invoices are false, outsourcing companies will recover the spreads, with one percent as commission on a non-winning basis. At the organizational level, time is saved to avoid these billing errors. Analysis and recovery in the areas of energy, water, telecommunications, rents and tariffs, as well as a window for tailored applications. Framework provides “pre” and “ongoing” audits to ensure compliance with organisation-specific guidelines. You will find other framework agreements in our portfolio of framework agreements [570KB] What are the benefits of using this agreement? – GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGESupplers are capable of: all public sector authorities in the UK.

THE BESPOKE SERVICES ORGANIZATIONS can indicate their specific needs and tailor their services to get the best value for money and “Fit.” COST AVOIDANCENo need to make complex purchases in-house. G-Cloud 12 offers public sector organizations a simple and compliant opportunity to purchase cloud-based services, such as hosting, software and support to selected vendors. Ingenica Solutions is listed in the Digital Marketplace, an online catalogue. For more information, see Internal and External Audit, Counter Fraud, and Financial Assurance Services Tags: Crown Commercial Services, Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud 12, NHS Ingenica Solutions is proud of…

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