What Does Entrustment Agreement Mean

The board or agency submits a care plan in accordance with § 16.1-281, which must be consulted with each request for approval of a mandate agreement. C. A mandate agreement on the termination of parental rights and obligations towards the child shall apply notwithstanding the fact that it has not been signed by the biological father of a child if that father has been found guilty of a violation of § 18.2-61 paragraph A, § 18.2-63, paragraph B of § 18.2-366 or an equivalent offence of another State. the United States or a foreign jurisdiction, and the child was conceived as a result of such a violation. 4. Parents, guardian, legal guardian or any other person representing the child in loco parentis. However, such notice is not required if the judge certifies in the records that the identity of the parent or guardian is not reasonably establishable. A biological father must be informed of the procedure if he is a father recognized under sections 20-49.1, 20 to 49.8 or if he is suspected under sections 63.2 to 1202 or if he has registered in the Virginia Biological Fathers Registry in accordance with section 7 (§ 63.2-1249 et seq.). An affidavit from the mother that the identity of the father cannot reasonably be established is sufficient evidence of this fact, unless there is other evidence in court that would refute such an affidavit. Failure to register in the Virginia Biological Father Registry in accordance with Section 7 (§ 63.2-1249 et seq.) of Title 63.2, Chapter 12, constitutes proof that the identity of the father is not reasonably verifiable. The hearing takes place and an order may be made even if a parent, guardian, legal guardian or person in loco parentis does not appear and is not represented by a lawyer, provided that personal or substitute services have been rendered to the person or that the court considers that the person cannot be found after reasonable effort, or, in the case of a person who is without the Commonwealth, the person cannot be found or his or her mailing address cannot reasonably be determined. However, if an application seeks approval of a permanent mandate contract providing for the termination of all parental rights and obligations towards the child, a summons to appear must be served on the parent(s) and other parties referred to in § 16.1-263.

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