Deepnight Revelation

On November 1st, 10am GMT, a new Kickstarter is launching for Traveller – and Deepnight Revelation is the largest, most expansive, and ambitious campaign we have ever done for Traveller – your players will literally be going further than any Traveller has gone before!

Check out the launch video right HERE!

The Story

The Travellers will board the Research Starship RSS Deepnight Revelation, a converted heavy cruiser outfitted for a ten-year voyage beyond everything humans have ever experienced. They must chart a course through unexplored space and meet whatever challenges await them, until finally they reach their goal.

The mission is simple enough in concept yet grand in scope. Deepnight Revelation will voyage along the periphery of the Great Rift, undertaking exploration and research as she goes, until the expedition reaches the mouth of the rift. There, a full exploration and investigation is to be carried out into a mysterious radio source whose location coincides with the point described in mysterious carvings.

The mission’s overriding goal, known to everyone aboard the ship but not widely disseminated beyond the project, is to learn about the threat or wonder described in the carvings and how it relates to the entity encountered by Deepnight Endeavour.

In addition, the expedition is tasked with undertaking a general-to-specific exploration of star systems along and to the side of its route. General exploration will indicate points of interest which will be investigated if the mission’s commanders choose to do so. However, the primary mission is of paramount importance. Side expeditions can be only of short duration and must not hold up the advance of the mission.

By the end of the mission, there will be an explored corridor running along the side of the Great Rift, with some areas quite well researched and others subject only to cursory inspection. Follow-on missions will use data gathered by this first expedition to conduct voyages more limited in scope but of similar duration, allowing study in depth of any interesting finds.

The final goal of the mission is a radio source designated Terminus Point, which coincides with a location indicated by a researcher infected by the Deepnight Entity. The Travellers must investigate to determine if there is a connection between the entity discovered in Charted Space and any present at Terminus Point. The Travellers will assess the threat and act accordingly.

The Scope

This campaign is massive.

The Deepnight Revelation mission is projected to take 10 years or more (in game time!) to reach its goal, and nobody expects to see the ship again in Charted Space for 20-30 years.

The way we have structured the campaign is that we have an initial adventure, the end adventure – and plenty of adventures in the middle, which referees can also add to with their own creations, thus creating a ‘moving sandbox’ that gives the option to just use published material or really go to town and add your own strange new worlds and civilisation.

The players will have a converted 75,000 ton cruiser for the journey, and the campaign allows them to be the top commanders of the mission or, if they prefer, specialists further down the chain with fewer responsibilities – or you can have a mix of Travellers, high and low aboard the ship, and the campaign will allow them all to play together.

The Voyage

We have divided the voyage up into several stages, each with its own flavour.

Stage 1 The Demnan Rendezvous: The first leg of the mission involves only a little exploration. Advance scouts have already been sent to map the projected route and supply caches are being set up. Deepnight Revelation is expected to make an average of 10-12 parsecs per month, possibly more, parallel to the Great Rift from Giikur Naval Base in the spinward end of the Vland sector to Marshalling Point Demnan.

Stage 2 The Riftsedge Transit: After leaving Marshalling Point Demnan, Deepnight Revelation is entirely on her own. Very little is known about the region of space she will pass through, so exploration will be required simply to find a way forward even if few points of interest are discovered. 

Stage 3 NSY-X: The first critical point in the expedition is the ability to get across the Great Rift. If this is not possible the mission will have to go the long way around, which will add years to the transit each way. Deepnight Revelation is expected to spend some time in the Near Side of Yonder, searching for a crossing point or assembling fuel caches in deep space. Once a crossing has been located, the expedition should push ahead unless something of great interest has been identified.

Stage 4 The Great Transit: The fourth stage of the mission is a long transit towards the mouth of the Great Rift, in an almost directly spinward-rimward direction. The marshalling point for this stage of the mission is designated FSN-X, for ‘Far Side of Nowhere’. The marshalling point for this stage of the mission is defined by Object FSN-X, a pulsar indicated on the carvings. 

Stage 5 The Final Transit: The final transit continues in a spinward-rimward direction for around 150 parsecs. This is expected to take around 18 months, placing Deepnight Revelation on the trailing side of the Riftmouth around nine and half years after leaving its base. The marshalling point for this part of the mission is VS-X, for ‘Voidshore’.

Stage 6 Exploration of the Voidshore: Deepnight Revelation will conduct a detailed exploration of the Voidshore region whist seeking a route to the final destination of the mission. This is a point in the mouth of the Rift, designated Terminus by the mission planners, which is the source of strong and confusing radio signals.

Stage 7 Return: Exploration of the Voidshore region and Terminus Point is expected to continue for 18-24 months after the arrival of Deepnight Revelation, during which time Terminus will be thoroughly investigated. The mission commanders will then designate targets for investigation during the return leg of the mission. The earliest expected return is twenty years after departure, with a projected arrival back at base some 24-28 years after departure.

The Box Set

For such a magnificent exploration mission, we needed an equally magnificent box set. Into this one, we have crammed:

Deepnight Legacy: The 32 page introductory adventure that will set the Travellers on their way. We will be giving this one to you for free as a PDF download!

Campaign Guide: A complete detailing of the ship, its crew, and the campaign itself, along with adventures to use along the way.

Referee’s Handbook: We have not left the referee stranded in running such a huge campaign. We show you exactly how to do it, plus give you some weird and wonderful places and peoples to visit on the way, to be inserted into published adventures or your own tales.

Terminus Point: The final adventure that will send the players… well, we do not want to spoil things too much at this stage. Suffice to say, what they find at Terminus Point will be beyond the experience of any Traveller ever, and they are going to end up… far away. Far, far away…

Card Deck: Providing handy game tools for Mission Briefings, Standing Orders, and Mission Roles.

Poster: Traveller veterans will know how big we make these! The front features deck plans of the Deepnight Endeavour, along with crew departments, while the reverse has a huge scale map depicting the expected route of the journey along the Great Rift and known points of interest.

Stretch Goals

This is where Kickstarter scores for a project like this. We obviously have an immensity of space between the Travellers and their final destination when they start, and this gives us the opportunity to provide referees with a great deal of support.

We have made a deal with our friendly printers (the same chaps doing JTAS right now), enabling us to provide a string of hardback books that serve as adventures and region packs, at very attractive stretch goal levels. We are hoping you can help us to unlock a fair few of these!

We will be starting off doing one for every major stage of the voyage, and then filling in the gaps with the most fevered scribblings from Martin’s imagination. As the Kickstarter progresses, you can expect a very weighty package to be delivered to you (we are hoping there will be more content than the entire Pirates of Drinax campaign…).

The Commemorative Pack

We are quite proud of this one!

It became apparent in the JTAS Kickstarter that the TAS Welcome Pack was a popular idea. Again, we wanted to see if we could beat it.

In the run up to the in-universe launch of the Deepnight Revelation, a commemorative pack was released to citizens of Charted Space. We are offering a pledge level that allows you to pick up that very same commemorative pack – including a Deep Space Phenomenon Recognition Guide, the Deepnight Revelation Dice Set, a pad full of blank Subsector Maps (they will be useful!), a cloth mission patch (you can see the initial design at the start of this update – sharp eyes will note that the ship has received an upgrade since this version was done!), and a few other bits and pieces, all contained in an attractive presentation pack.

November 1st

This all starts on November the 1st, at 10am GMT. We very much hope to see you there and come with us on what will be the greatest exploration mission launched from Charted Space, and one you can put your players in the front seat (or on the bridge) of as we find out just what lies at the end of the Great Rift…

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